The Go Naturals - 'Stormy/ Hip Hip'

Image of The Go Naturals - 'Stormy/ Hip Hip'


‘Stormy’ is a perfect punk pop anthem from The Go Naturals that promises to take no prisoners from the start. Volatile, crashing, energetic and angry guitars go hand in hand with lyrics that take a good-natured swing at Londons precious indie princesses. Short lived but guaranteed to make you want to jump around with the best of them. More sinister than Stormy, ‘Hip-Hip’ chases ominous guitars, desperate sounding vocals and a persistent bass through a dark alley of paranoid noise and deviant narrative that makes you glad to be alive and in one piece after listening to it. Stormy / Hip-Hip is everything that cynical teenage angst should be about.’

‘Stormy/Hip Hip’ the debut single by The Go Naturals was the first release by Surface Noise Records.

The Go Naturals formed in late 2005 and quickly set about storming their way round London’s venues playing their witty, cynical and noisy art-punk. Songs like ‘Don’t Like Sex’ and ‘Chav Scum’ became instant classics and a passionate fan base began to form. Surface Noise snapped them up after watching them cause chaos in the back room of a dingy suburban pub and offered to release the scenster-bashing ‘Stormy’ as a double A-side with their haunting anthem ‘Hip-Hip.’

Members of The Go Naturals can now be found in both Hadouken! and Bono Must Die.